Unexpected Tales

Adept Icarus produces tabletop roleplaying games and stories. We’re combining underserved genres and narratives with tried and true storytelling. We are both reusing and developing advanced tabletop roleplaying game techniques to enable groups to tell the story they need to tell.

We liken these efforts to Icarus flying too close to the sun.

At Adept Icarus, we want to tell extraordinary stories and help others tell them too. We’ve spent our lives reading and telling fantastical tales that defied our expectations and challenged our imaginations. Whenever we met someone who didn’t like stories or reading, we suppressed our shudder and tried to help them understand.

As children, we never suffered a lack of new content to read and enjoy. Even so, we still learned to dread the emptiness of a post-book-binge letdown and the longing to continue developing our character long after the game session ended. These were the things that kept us looking for more content to consume and games to play.

Adept Icarus adds a reliable place to find content that will inspire your imagination. A company you can count on to fill the void of a loved novel or Netflix series or completed RPG campaign. We have an overpowering desire to create a mystical sensation again and again with each project we undertake.

Pairing our fascination for creation with underserved tales and urging inventiveness on with the fire in our bellies isn’t easy or safe.

We’re flying too close to the sun, and we’re taking you with us. Enjoy your flight.