Unexpected Tales

At Adept Icarus, we enable the creation of extraordinary stories!

We love underserved genres and narratives, and to that end, we’re developing tabletop roleplaying games, settings, techniques, and systems to enable your group to tell the story they need to tell.

Seem ambitious? We think so.

We’ve spent our lives reading and telling fantastical tales that defied our expectations and challenged our imaginations.

It’s easy to lose sight of our once powerful urge to continue developing our character or world hours, days, and even weeks after our RPG session ended. These feelings kept us looking for more content to consume and games to play.

Adept Icarus wants to help folks fill the void with creations that inspire a childlike sense of wonder. Everyone in the group should share the excitement about your next RPG campaign or one-shot. We want to help you recapture that desire like a dilapidated plant growing on a sparse hillside that bursts into bloom when brought back to a well-kept garden.

Our fascination with creation lights the way at Adept Icarus. Our passion for underserved tales drives us forward. Urging inventiveness on with only the fire in our bellies to guide us isn’t easy– nor is it safe, but we’re risk-takers.

Adept Icarus is flying too close to the sun, and we’re taking you with us. Buckle up and enjoy the flight.