What do you want your Arium to be?

Arium is the name of our game! Why? Well, because we wanted a simple name that expressed the idea of a container for possibility. There are all kinds of ariums in our daily lives: aquariums, solariums, planetariums– we looked up the Latin root, and it felt perfect!

We like to think of it like this: an Arium is an overarching world, universe, setting, and story/adventure seeds. It contains a collection of fascinating landmarks, people, and items too!

The Arium Kickstarter is complete, but you can still preorder!

Arium: Create AND Arium: Discover PDFs are complete and will be in your inbox the day you order.

Arium Kickstarter Late Pledge (Digital only)

Arium: Create PDF (Regular Price: $7.50), Arium: Discover PDF (Regular Price: $10.00), Arium: Bridge PDF, Arium: Flash PDF, & #OurAriumOurWay PDF


“Adept Icarus has put together an extremely intriguing worldbuilding system and a simple but narratively interesting roleplaying mechanic to go with it.  [The] quality product that they have put together in these two books indicates that what is still to come will be interesting as well.  I highly recommend picking these two up to both look at and add to your collection and gaming and worldbuilding toolbox.”
-Josh Walles, Angel’s Citadel

Arium is a complete tabletop roleplaying game.

Create and roleplay in worlds of infinite possibility.

Arium: Create contains our refreshing and intuitive system for creating your own Arium, and you’ll do it in one or two hours! The Arium you create will be unique to your group, and we promise everyone will be in love with it.  Create encourages folks to err on the side of awesome when collaborating to build their Arium, and the result is often surprising, but never disappointing! With a little work, you can take your resulting Arium and use it with any game system, or we’ve built in a seamless transition to our roleplaying rules found in Arium: Discover


Arium: Create is a system where everyone at the gaming table has a vested interest in the setting they are creating. I found it easy to learn and use [and] I’m excited to put Arium: Create into greater use as I introduce the complete process to my gaming group.” 
-Daniel Yocom Guild Master Gaming

“This game made session 0 feel like game night instead of spreadsheets. 10/10, wish I had pledged more.”
-Anthony G.

Arium: Discover will work with any world. Take your favorite TV series,  your homebrew setting, or a movie/novel and quickly adapt to run it with Discover. Even better, build an Arium together using Arium: Create as a basis for your game. Arium: Discover builds on your universe by letting players take ownership of characters, items, and locations. Then, it’s off to tell the story! Adventure, horror, and comedy are all on the table. Sci-fi, fantasy, and intrigue also possibilities! The streamlined d6-based system will feel familiar yet flexible. Additionally, the system of Boons and Banes encourages play that explores the important and meaningful by focusing on the relevant thematic elements of your Arium.


Arium Kickstarter Late Pledge (Digital only)

Arium: Create PDF (Regular Price: $7.50), Arium: Discover PDF (Regular Price: $10.00), Arium: Bridge PDF, Arium: Flash PDF, & #OurAriumOurWay PDF


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