What do you want your Arium to be?

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Arium: Create is Coming Soon

Arium: Create is a standalone toolkit for worldbuilding designed to streamline the creation of a world your entire group will want to play in. We’re not pulling your leg when we say, “anything is possible”.

  • Want time-traveling bigfeet kidnapping kids or pro football player drama involving concussions and the consequences of instafame?
  • Maybe the ghost of Ronald Reagan communing with anthropomorphic talking squirrels is more your speed.
  • Would your characters like a chance to stop by Zapp’s: a proprietor of demon sap-powered magic-technology?
  • Perhaps folks just want to settle in on an ice-covered planet complete with underwater society on the far side of the universe that could easily be at home in the works of Lewis Carroll or Douglas Adams.

Arium: Create will help your group discover the story they want to tell.

Arium: Discover is Coming Soon

Arium: Discover has all the rules you need to run a streamlined roleplaying game session with worlds you create on your own, with Arium: Create, or using your favorite movie or book as a backdrop.

More details soon.