What do you want your Arium to be?

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Create and Discover your own container of possibility.

Why Arium?

Arium is the name of our tabletop roleplaying game! Why? We wanted a simple name for a container of possibility.

Think of it like this: an Arium is an overarching world, universe, setting, and story/adventure seeds containing a collection of fascinating landmarks, people, and items!

What People Are Saying

“Adept Icarus has put together an extremely intriguing worldbuilding system and a simple but narratively interesting roleplaying mechanic to go with it. I highly recommend picking these two up to both look at and add to your collection and gaming and worldbuilding toolbox.”
-Josh Walles, Angel’s Citadel

Arium: Create is a system where everyone at the gaming table has a vested interest in the setting they are creating. I’m excited to put Arium: Create into greater use as I introduce the complete process to my gaming group.”
-Daniel Yocom Guild Master Gaming

“This game made session 0 feel like game night instead of spreadsheets. 10/10, wish I had pledged more.”
-Anthony G.

Arium: Create book cover depicting wizardly buildings with multihued lights emanating from them against the backdrop of a ruddy sky and sun.


Arium: Create contains our refreshing and intuitive system for creating your own Arium, and you’ll do it in one or two hours! The Arium you create will be unique to your group, and we promise everyone will be in love.
Create encourages folks to err on the side of awesome when collaborating to build their Arium, and the result is often surprising, but never disappointing! With a little work, you can take your resulting Arium and use it with any game system, or we’ve built in a seamless transition to our roleplaying rules found in Arium: Discover.

Arium: Create is a TRIPLE ENnie award nominee!

Best Aid/Accessory – Non – Digital
Best Supplement
Product of the Year

Arium: Create in Print (with free PDF)

U.S. SHIPPING INCLUDED!* A soft-bound, full color copy of Arium: Create. Includes a free PDF.


Arium: Create in Print (with free PDF) International

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING INCLUDED!* A soft-bound, full color copy of Arium: Create. Includes a free PDF.


Arium: Discover book cover depicting soaring skyscrapers in the background, multihued airships, and a bridge over mysterious mists.


Arium: Discover will work with any world. Take your favorite TV series,  your homebrew setting, or a movie/novel and quickly adapt to run it with Discover. Even better, build an Arium together using Arium: Create as a basis for your game. Arium: Discover builds on your universe by letting players take ownership of characters, items, and locations.

Then, it’s off to tell the story! Adventure, horror, and comedy are all on the table. Sci-fi, fantasy, and intrigue also possibilities! The streamlined d6-based system is familiar yet flexible. Additionally, the system of Boons and Banes encourages play that explores the important and meaningful by focusing on the relevant thematic elements of your Arium.

Arium: Discover in Print (with free PDF)

U.S. SHIPPING INCLUDED!* One soft-bound, full color copy of Arium: Discover. Free PDF included.


Arium: Discover in Print (with free PDF) International

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING INCLUDED!* One soft-bound, full color copy of Arium: Discover. Free PDF included.


More Praise for Arium

We received our print copies of the Arium books […] These are, in a word, amazing. I’ve never seen zine format prints with such high quality. Thick paper and covers, hefty, well-cut, and sharp printing with durable inks.”

Josh Walles, Angel’s Citadel

“Arium’s creation tools are a blast. A lot of roleplaying games are built around the idea that “anything is possible” but Arium has taken that to a new level. When everyone around the table contributes to creating a richer world, the story is that much more fun and surprising.”


“For collaborative world-building and crafting of a setting, Arium provides a truly open and group-driven approach that allows for almost anything to be brought into existence. A superb way to ensure that everyone has a say, everyone is heard, and everyone feels like the game belongs to the group as a whole. It’s also incredibly versatile and can be used to enhance and customize the setting of just about any existing system.”


“Arium provides a toolset for collaborative world-building and open-ended character creation that is unparalleled among tabletop roleplaying games. With Arium, a group of friends around a table (or online) can begin with absolutely nothing but a few vague notions of what might be fun to play, and within a few hours have a fully-realized world to explore populated by a full cast of characters with which to explore it. Long before they roll the first the die, the players will be fully bought-in to the world because they had a hand in every aspect of its creation. This is cooperative storytelling at its finest.”


“My previous experience in World Building has been a mostly individual process, something I’ve made for others to play in. Arium on the other hand is a completely cooperative experience and I’ve honestly never had as much fun world building as I have using this system. My face hurt the next day from pure good times!”


“Arium’s world building was quite the fun experience. It’s such a streamlined way to take all the different and varied ideas of a group and pare them down into a complete setting ready to play in. I was pleasantly surprised at how quick it went and had a great time doing it.”


Kickstarter Edition Bundles

Arium BUNDLE (with free PDFs)

U.S. SHIPPING INCLUDED!* One soft-bound, full color copy of each Arium: Create and Arium: Discover. Free PDF copies of both books are included.



INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING INCLUDED!* One soft-bound, full color copy of each Arium: Create and Arium: Discover. Free PDF copies of both books are included.


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Check out an actual play-through of Arium!

Arium Resources

Character Sheets

Printable character sheets are here!

Arium Sheets

Like printer-friendly sheets for your Ariums? We’ve got you covered.

Character Keeper/Arium Keeper

We’ve created a Google Sheets-based keeper for Ariums and Characters created with Arium: Create and Arium Discover. Feel free to make a copy of it and edit it however you like. If you make an improvement you think others would enjoy, share it on our Discord server!