Adept Icarus Announces RPG: Arium

Utah, United States (1/21/2019) –

Adept Icarus is pleased to announce Arium, the first tabletop roleplaying game title in production by the newly launched company.

The brand new game system is part group creativity, part dice-chucking, part improv, part lean-agile collaboration, part worldbuilding, all storytelling fun. We’ve never seen anything quite like it, and we think you’ll enjoy Arium as much as we do.

During our early-stage playtesting we’ve seen everything from time-traveling bigfeet kidnapping kids to professional football player drama involving concussions and the consequences of instafame. Some won’t be surprised to learn we’ve had the ghost of Ronald Reagan communing with anthropomorphic talking squirrels. New locales have sprung into existence including Zapp’s: a proprietor of demon sap-powered magic-technology and an ice-covered planet complete with underwater society on the far side of the universe that could easily be at home in the works of Lewis Carroll or Douglas Adams.


Arium takes inspiration from many tabletop RPGs as well as from the high-tech software development world. We’ve played and loved games dating back to D&D, Shadowrun, and Greg Stafford’s original D6 rules. Modern influences extend to FATE, John Wick’s Blood and Honor system, and even Microscope by Ben Robbins and the TinyD6 system by Alan Bahr. Lately, we’ve been playing Blades in the Dark so you may draw some comparisons there as well. Agilists will recognize the elements of Lean Coffee and other collaboration techniques used to aid software teams in dealing with complex problems and shifting priorities.

With Arium the possibilities are nearly limitless and are entirely powered by the group playing the RPG. Watch our social media feeds for sneak peeks and additional announcements.

Adept Icarus will Kickstart Arium in Q2/Q3 of 2019.

The Team

William L. Munn is the founder of Adept Icarus and the lead designer of Arium. His work in the tabletop gaming industry can be seen in multiple games including the forthcoming Zorro: The Roleplaying Game from Gallant Knight Games. Will has a deep passion for storytelling, gaming, and writing. In his free time, you’ll find him playing and running tabletop games with family and friends. Will is also a fennec fox gif aficionado.

“Arium has fast and fun rules to create a world and story that feels lived-in. It really shines in weird cross-genre scenarios you don’t normally find in mainstream games and media. Gameplay rules are also streamlined, though we include elements like character progression and fistfuls of dice that will appeal to traditional RPG gamers while pushing forward into the more narrative style of modern systems. I’m insanely proud of the team and what we’ve produced. We can’t wait to share it with the world.”

Natasha Ence has been playing tabletop roleplaying games since she was seven years old. Tabletop gaming and a voracious love of stories lead her to study literature, teaching, and creative writing at university; this gave her the solid foundation she needed to start her own business, Tales off the Table, and to become the full-time professional game master, game designer, and game writer she is today. When not writing or gaming, Natasha can be found in the kitchen whipping up one of her favorite dishes or in the yard training and playing with her dog, Captain.

“I wouldn’t have wanted to work on [Arium] unless it was something I really believed in–just like any other project I choose to be a part of. When [Will] came to me with the proposal, I already had pieces for the resolution mechanics floating around for another project, and the ideas just seemed to click together so easily; I was just pumped to get started…. and that momentum has kind of just kept going. Hardly any caffeine necessary. Just pure excitement!”

Drew Gerken is a wayward writer, builder of worlds, and collector of hobbies. He has a chronic case of curiosity and loves immersing himself in whatever fancy strikes him. From building to brewing to baking, Drew loves expanding his knowledge and skillset. There are two passions which have followed him throughout his life – writing and gaming. Recently, Drew has been advancing his writing career on projects for the RPG and board game industries, including the upcoming RPG, Arium.

“Arium focuses on creating a cohesive game experience for everyone at the table and giving them a great rule set to play with. I love how this project has mirrored the core concept of Arium perfectly – we took one excellent idea and morphed it into an amazing experience. I am super proud of this game and its potential.”

About Adept Icarus

Adept Icarus is a Utah-based tabletop game company, and our top goal is to enable the creation of extraordinary stories. We love underserved genres and narratives, and to that end, we’re developing tabletop roleplaying games, settings, techniques, and systems to bring them to your table.

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