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Florida, USA, March 8, 2023 – Adept Icarus, LLC is excited to announce they have signed a deal with Alan Bahr and Northern Lights Foundry to publish and distribute cyanstarlight, a science fiction solo roleplaying game written by Alan Bahr.

cyanstarlight is a lonely roleplaying game, where you take on the role of the last surviving human in the far future, attempting to uncover where your fellow humans have disappeared to, what can be done (if anything) to bring them back, and why the stars are bathed in a faint cyan light. You will travel from planet to planet, braving dangers, maintaining your starship as best you can, and attempting to gain insights into what has occurred, before the loneliness of it all overtakes you.

Using the Breathless engine, developed by Fari Games, and modified and written by Alan Bahr to craft a melancholic story, and featuring art from Kattapulka and the Forge Studios, cyanstarlight will also craft technology to present over 500 unique possible ending scenarios, based on the insights discovered by players.

cyanstarlight by Alan Bahr book cover
cyanstarlight Cover Mockup

is the evolution of my game design trajectory, where I’ve worked hard at distilling emotions into the mechanical aspects of game play. It is a deeply personal game and very different from other works I am normally known for, and I’m beyond pleased to be working with my friend Will, who I’ve known for almost a decade, to bring it to life.

I couldn’t be happier than to have the opportunity to work with my long-time friend Alan Bahr to deliver cyanstarlight, a game that truly embodies the idea of telling the stories that need to be told. The game melds the experience of single-player roleplaying with a strong dose of mental health awareness and is an incredibly brave and innovative standout among an already impressive tabletop repertoire from Alan.

cyanstarlight will seek funding on Crowdfundr, at a date to be announced!

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