Game Resources

Adept Icarus provides many free resources for our games (and links to things that are handy in general)!

Generally Useful TTRPG Resources

Safety Tools

The X-Card and Lines & Veils are just the beginning. Here is one of the better TTRPG Safety Toolkits around.

Gamemaster Resources

Coming soon.

Dice Rollers and Virtual Tabletops and More!

We recommend Discord, Zoom, or Google Meet for face-to-face game sessions when you can’t get your group together in the same room. A lot of it is personal preference, but we do like the persistent chat capability of Discord and…

There are tons of options for dice rollers, but it’s always nice to use one that the group can share. Discord with a dice bot (like Dice Maiden) can work well for this! An Arium backer pointed us to, and It’s probably the nicest group-rolling app we’ve seen. It even supports some safety tools!

Of course, a good Virtual Tabletop (VTT) can replace the need for Discord and a dice bot or any of the other requirements above. That said, these powerful tools come with a steeper learning curve. Probably the best known is Roll20, but we also like Astral.

Arium Resources

Looking to pick up Arium in print? Go here!

Character Sheets

Printable character sheets are here!

Example characters coming soon!

Arium Sheets

Like printer-friendly sheets for your Ariums? We’ve got you covered.

Character Keeper/Arium Keeper

We’ve created a Google Sheets-based keeper for Ariums and Characters created with Arium: Create and Arium Discover. Feel free to make a copy of it and edit it however you like. If you make an improvement you think others would enjoy, share it on our Discord server!

Gameplay Videos

Arium has featured in a lot of TTRPG Actual Play sessions via many venues. The videos we have the rights to are all posted on our YouTube channel eventually.

Arium Bug Reports

Submit Arium: Create Bugs
Submit Arium: Discover Bugs

Have Questions?

Jump on our Discord server, and someone will be happy to answer them, chat, or just play some Arium!